Lori has such a great energy that dogs (and people!) really want to respond to. Her classes are fun and informative, she really understands that different dogs need different approaches. People tell me all the time how my pup has transformed and he will lead a much happier life thanks to Lori’s guidance! Thanks Lori!


We adopted our two shelter dogs in June 2010. As we went through the adoption process, we were told our 4 month old male shepherd X was going to be a handful, and they were right! Luckily, we were signed up for puppy classes with Lori Mason and we could not be more grateful for the circumstances that led us to work with her. Jethro, who is now 4 years old, is sleeping peacefully at my feet, when once he could not stop himself from reacting to the slightest sounds from outside. Yes, he is a reactive dog, and he has been my greatest inspiration to improve my handling skills. I have worked with Lori off and on throughout these 4 years, doing one to one training, group classes, agility classes, and pack walks. What I appreciate the most about Lori’s approach to dogs and dog handling, is her down to earth philosophy of allowing our dogs to teach us what they need. One of her sayings that has stuck with me, when I am caught by surprise and in the blink of an eye my wonderful companion turns into a snarling freak, “It’s just information.” And from that information I learn, day after day, with my dog. Thank you Lori, for your calm, insightful, respectful approach to working with handlers and dogs. We will see you again on the agility field soon!


“We’ve worked with Lori from the time our English bulldog, Turbo, was a puppy. We’ve done puppy kindergarten class, obedience class indoors, pack walks and an obedience/agility type classes outdoors with her. Both my husband and I always felt comfortable in her classes and that we got the feedback we needed to train our stubborn-by-nature little guy haha I just love that she does the summertime agility classes, it is SO awesome because the dogs have a lot of fun, they get some good exercise and learn things at the same time! Oh and my goodness it is funny to watch for the owners too – Turbo is a BULLET going through those little tunnels haha We’ve also had the pleasure of meeting various breeds/personalities of dogs that Lori has trained and learned how she works with them to move them away from some very aggressive behaviors – very inspiring. Honestly we can’t say enough good things about Lori. If we hadn’t moved far away we would still be taking her classes and once we get ourselves moved back to Burnaby we’ll be right in there again! :)”


My 100 lb rescue dog was my first dog and he came with absolutely no manners. I had no idea but within the first few months I knew I had to get some help
A woman I met while out walking my dog told me that Lori had been a big help with her dog so I registered immediately. Lori gave me the tools I needed to help me control my dog and walks have even wonderful since then. And now everyone loves Bosco!
Thanks Lori


We met Lori through her Puppy Class when we adopted a darling young Chihuahua with some aggression issues and resistance to leash walking. After one class Lori solved the leash issue completely and with her ongoing support and guidance our girl became the ideal new family member who hasn’t been aggressive since her first year with us. She is almost 5 now and we owe Lori so much for helping us make our family feel peaceful and joyful everyday.


Lori Mason was referred to our family by a master groomer earlier this year. My son’s dog attended agility classes. I had occasion to observe a number of those classes and found Lori to be one of the best I’ve seen as a trainer. Her positive reward based commands and overall attitude worked very effectively on all the dogs and maximized the entire experience for everyone.
I would not hesitate to recommend Lori.
Kerry B.