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Puppy and Dog Training

Our Story

No indoor classes are being offered currently.  When classes do commence, everyone attending must show proof of double vaccinations and wear a mask/sheild.

At Obediently Yours K9 Training, we know all dogs are different. That’s why we specialize in smaller dog training classes, so that we can tailor lessons to suit your canine companion’s needs and personality. Whether in a fun class with others or in a private coaching session, you and your dog will get the help and attention you need to build communication, respect and confidence in each other. It’s all about forming a great relationship between you and your dog.


We work with all breeds and are committed to making sure you get the right training for you.  You can learn the basics of obedience and manners with your new puppy. Regardless of which class you choose, together we will master everything you need to know to create a healthy, happy connection with your dog.


We always make sure you have all the tools to continue working with your dog, and that you have a good understanding of techniques covered in class.  You as a handler will leave with an understanding of what your dog needs from you as well as a stronger bond!


A well trained dog is a dog that has freedom and can go just about anywhere!

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