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Where do I start?!

**Please Note**

As of January 5, 2019 

2018 was action packed with many wonderful classes. Very sadly, there was a  huge personal loss of all three of my beloved dogs. Two passed within the same week, and my last boy passed just recently. I've had these beautiful creatures for up to 11 years.

2019 classes will begin in Spring/Summer. Thank you for your patience and please contact me to find out about schedules then. 

This private class is designed for parents and puppies who:

  • have not had their 2nd set of vaccines (typically 12 weeks old or younger)

  • want to get started immediately 

  • want personalized training

  • cannot attend regular classes due to scheduling conflicts


PupStart provides 3 hours of training which can be taken all at once or split into two sessions.


This personalized training gives immediate answers to questions and covers all topics given in Puppy Kindergarten.

It additionally covers:

  • food and nutrition

  • feeding (how much, how often)

  • introducing children to your pup

  • how to communicate effectively

  • address specific needs (mouthing, housetraining)


Contact Us to Book your Session

Cost:  $315

*NO refunds


PupStart!: Service
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