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Group Classes

Helping You Help Your Pet

**Please Note**

As of January 5, 2019 

2018 was action packed with many wonderful classes. Very sadly, there was a  huge personal loss of all three of my beloved dogs. Two passed within the same week, and my last boy passed just recently. I've had these beautiful creatures for 11 years.

2019 classes will begin in Spring/Summer. Thank you for your patience and please contact me to find out about schedules then. 

Classes: Service
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Puppy Kindergarten

Starting off on the right paw

Taking the dog for a walk

Basic Obedience

Building a strong foundation will enable your pet to adjust more quickly


Intermediate Obedience

Your pup is maturing, and so should their behaviour!


Troubled Teens

Just when you think you had everything in place!


Into to Agility

If your dog has an active and agile mind and body, this is the perfect way to engage them.



Keep your pet moving and developing their physical and mental fitness


Reactive Dog Training

Keep you, your dog and others safe



Another way to keep your dog's mind active, and get into nature

Contact me today and see how I can help you and your pet.

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