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Another way to keep your dog's mind active, and get into nature


Class Dates TBA

What's this class about?

For a dog, using their nose to sniff out what they want is natural instinct and tracking is a great way to scratch that instinctive itch while having a little fun with your pooch. It’s like a big game of hide and seek!

This great introductory tracking class will teach you how to set a scent pad and lay a track. You will learn how to be encouraging and positive while allowing your dog to lead and follow your scent.

Our Tracking Through Drive class focuses on your dog’s natural instincts and ability to find things by following his nose but in this class your dog won’t be tracking a sneaky rabbit … your dog will be tracking you!

In classic hide and seek style, in our tracking class you’ll be doing some creative hiding (perhaps under that especially bushy bush or laying behind that big tree) so dressing in waterproof gear is a must.

There are a total of four classes. The first class is theory (approximately 1 hour) and the remaining three are outdoors (location to be determined). Classes held in the field will be approximately 2 hours each.

You will need to bring:

  1. 20 ft. to 30 ft. long line

  2. Have your dog in a harness where the ring that you attach the leash to is on the dogs back and not at his chest.

  3. Waterproof gear (as mentioned above)

  4. Treats – lots of them!

Class Fee: $145.00

*$50 non-refundable deposit required

**NO refunds after first class

Tracking: Service
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